Incorrect PIN or Passkey

Incorrect PIN or Passkey Error [8 Reliable Solutions]

Oftentimes I find myself running into annoying Bluetooth problems. Whether it’s pairing one of my devices to my computer, or just using it. A very common problem I face is the dreaded error message – incorrect PIN or passkey. We’re going to be looking into what that means and how you can fix it.

When connecting Bluetooth devices to your phone or computer, a PIN or passkey is required to make sure the device is really yours. Otherwise, you could connect a stranger’s device to your phone any time they get close.

The incorrect PIN or passkey message occurs when you do not enter the correct PIN to verify that you own the device. The problem is when your device fails to provide you with a PIN to verify with. The most effective solution to the incorrect PIN or Passkey error is to remove all Bluetooth devices connected to your main device and reconnect them. 

That solution will most likely solve the problem, but if not, here are all 8 solutions explained in detail. 

1. Clear Bluetooth Devices and Reconnect Them

List of Bluetooth devices

As we mentioned earlier clearing Bluetooth devices and reconnecting them is the best solution to this problem. On an iPhone open settings, then click Bluetooth. You’ll see a list of devices. Select the i button on each device and press “Forget this Device.” After that, you can reconnect your old devices and try again.

On an android device navigate to your settings app, click “connections” and click Bluetooth. Now you’ll see a list of all Bluetooth devices that have ever connected to your phone. Press “Forget” and then “Forget device.” Repeat this for each device on the list.

On a PC press the windows key. Click the settings icon on the windows menu. Next press “Devices,” press each device and click “Remove device.”

You can now reconnect any devices you removed and attempt to connect the device which previously failed. Most of the time this will solve the problem, but if it still occurs, go ahead try the next solution.

2. Turning Bluetooth Off and On

Bluetooth turning on

Although this may sound overly simple, this can actually work. If you’re on an iPhone, open settings and enter the Bluetooth section. I can assume your Bluetooth is on (if not, make sure it is!) so you should see a white sphere on a green background, next to something that says “Bluetooth”. This indicates that it’s on. Click on that white sphere, and the background should now be gray. Click on it again, and it should go back to green. You have successfully turned Bluetooth on and off!

On an Android, you can swipe down from the top and access your Bluetooth settings from there. It should show the Bluetooth symbol in a blue color if it’s on for you. Click that symbol twice. It should go to gray and then back to blue.

Regardless of your device, if this still doesn’t resolve your issue, go to some of our other solutions.

3. Rebooting your Devices

Rebooting your device seems to solve every problem. This problem is no exception, try shutting off and turning on your mobile phone or computer as well as the Bluetooth device. Sometimes, this makes the problem disappear. The reason this solves the problem is it resets all cache and memory from your devices, it’s like a fresh start.

4. Use the Associated Software

According to Fitbit, which is a common device you may experience this error with, using the software associated with your device will eliminate the error. (the Fitbit app) Oftentimes, people try connecting through the settings app on their iPhone or Android device and this will not work. You must connect through the app or software intended if specified. If you don’t already have the app or software for your device it’s most likely in your user manual. If you have a Fitbit, go ahead and try using the Fitbit app instead of connecting your Fitbit through settings. 

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Associated Software

Nikon app being deleted

Sometimes, the software simply does not function. Try removing the software that you needed to use your device. For example, the software for a Nikon camera would be Snapbridge. The software for a Fitbit would be the Fitbit app. Uninstall and reinstall any software associated with your device and try connecting your device from the app or software again.

6. Update Firmware

Oftentimes, the firmware is at fault. In case you didn’t know, the firmware is the software that is embedded into the hardware of a device. It’s usually pre-installed onto hardware but sometimes it requires updates. Outdated firmware could be the root of this error. If so, updating your firmware solves this. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how to update your firmware for your specific device because I don’t know what it is. You should consult your user manual for instructions on how to update firmware on your particular device. To be clear, I mean update the firmware on your Bluetooth device, not the device you’re connecting it to.

7. Try Using Pin 0000

Bluetooth Pin 0000

Many Bluetooth devices have no screen to display a PIN or passkey. However, you’re still required to enter a pin or passkey to connect your device for security reasons. You probably have no idea what the pin is. By default, the pin is 0000, manufacturers often set the passkey as 0000 in the firmware. So by using the PIN 0000 you may successfully connect your device.

8. Contacting Support

You may be frustrated at this point, if all of our other tips haven’t worked for you, this is a very reliable method to help solve your problem. You should go to the website of your associated device and try contacting customer support. They will often give you some useful insights that will help you fix the issues you are facing.

Thank you for reading this article! We hope this article was able to help you resolve this annoying issue. If we missed a solution, tell us in the comments.

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